Building Partnerships

Lambda Direct is a specialty business development company that provides a one-stop solution to meet the distinct and underserved development needs of private start-up companies across diverse industries. Current areas of focus are online business, advertisement, marketing, and communication.  We partner with companies either to represent their business or to joint venture into an underdeveloped sector or region.  We have a long-term approach.  We analyse our commitments with an aim to establish a win-win situation for all parties involved; minimizing operational downside risk, protecting shareholder interests and generating an adequate return on invested capital. Our goal is long-term generation of value for everyone.
We invest and build in partnership.  We identify innovative business that could change or influence the basic needs in proven business sectors with high moats of entry.   We transfer the business model to untapped world regions. We are the ones who make the call proactively searching and expanding our global network representing our partners and the clients of our partners in all markets. We are the ones who get the call when companies want to know how, when and where to expand their services and products.